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Joyfully catching babies in Boulder County, Colorado for 17 years!

I offer complete prenatal care, labor assistance, birth support, after birth and new mother care. I also include breastfeeding support and well baby check-ups and weigh-ins until 6 weeks of age.

I always feel honored to attend each child’s birth and would love to offer you my thoughtful, gentle and personalized services.

Elizabeth Moore is a midwife in Boulder, Colorado. She has helped hundreds of women with their homebirth in Colorado, specializing in waterbirth in Colorado and natural child birth in Colorado. As a Colorado homebirth midwife, Elizabeth Moore helps Denver mothers with their Colorado homebirth, and serves as a midwife in the Greater Denver area and in the mountains West of Boulder, Colorado. Elizabeth is best described as a water birth midwife in Boulder, Colorado, but she also could be said to be a natural child birth midwife in Colorado. Elizabeth offers natural child birth classes from her home in Boulder, Colorado. These classes cover home birth and water birth in Colorado. All childbirth classes in Boulder, Colorado are full of information on home birth that helps new mothers greatly in feeling confident that their Colorado home birth will be a safe home birth as well as successful and nourishing.
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