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The bowl of female wisdom is deep. I am passionate about women finding like-minded folks to share experiences. To help nourish connections I provide lots of opportunities to meet other pregnant women and home birth families.


The first Thursday of each month I host a birthlodge, which is an open house for my current and past clients. We share a lunch potluck. It is an opportunity to meet other pregnant women, find a walking partner, a ride to yoga, hold a newborn, learn about what's challenging for the new moms, watch breastfeeding, look at diapering styles, laugh about all the crazy decisions you think you need to make for the babies room It is a great way for me to see the babies that have graduated from my care and for the new pregnant moms to find inspiration from the women that came before.

Annual Homebirth Picnic

Once a year I have a big picnic at the local park and invite all the families I have attended to come and celebrate birth. We have games, face painting, cake & ice cream —it is a birthday party!! It is really great to reunite and see all the families growing and changing. You'll see your childbirth class buddies and lots of familiar folks.

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