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Yes! For low risk women working with a well-trained midwife in out of hospital birth studies have shown it to be as safe as physician-attended birth. These studies demonstrate the benefits as well: women birthing at home with a midwife have much lower chance of needing a cesarean (3.7% compared to national rates of 30-40% depending on hospital) much lower risk of pre term birth, less interventions and infection rates and much higher breastfeeding success and satisfaction with their experience of giving birth! For a detailed discussion see my homebirth/safety page. For updates on the recent research visit,

Yes. Many women find laboring in the water a very effective pain relief.

If your labor is progressing well and you and the baby are doing well there is no need to get out of the water. But like any position you might choose for birth, if it is no longer helping I will make another recommendation.

I have an Aqua Doula birth tub available to rent for my clients.

If we are not billing insurance, the average cash pay Boulder family pays $4,000. I do offer a sliding scale for folks with low income. We can discuss if you qualify for a discounted rate when you schedule a free consultation. This fees includes personalized pre-natal care, continuous labor support and any birth assistants, after birth check ups in your home and well baby visits and breast feeding support.

Some insurance policies cover a portion of my fees. I am not in-network with any private company so you will have some deductibles and co-pay responsibilities. I have an insurance biller to help verify your benefits and try and get the most reimbursement we can for you.

Yes, if you and your baby are healthy you can have a home birth. In fact I had one myself here in Colorado.

We can discuss all the considerations such as why you had a c-section, time between pregnancies, and available back up during the free consultation.

Yes! What qualifies you for a home birth is your overall health.

If you do not have health problems that interfere with your daily living or require psychotropic medications you are most likely fine to have a home birth.

Midwives are the experts in natural, normal birth. During your prenatal care I will be monitoring you and your babies health. If you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and begin labor low risk you should expect to birth naturally. Many of the stories you have heard are a cascade of problems set off by an intervention we don't do at home. For example getting an epidural can cause a fever and a drop in blood pressure , and often the baby will react poorly.

At home I allow your labor to progress without pushing the uterus to work too hard or fast, another reason for so of the stories you might have heard. But it is important to acknowledge that things can arise in labor. For that reason midwives come trained and prepared. I carry oxygen, neo- natal resuscitation equipment, anti-hemorrhagic drugs, and prepare a transport plan to the nearest hospital in the event a circumstance arises that should not be handled at home.

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