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Birth is safest when technology and medical intervention are used only when they are clearly needed. Midwifery care and home birth can provide this experience for most women. Yet first thing folks usually get asked when they tell their family they are having a homebirth is something like-- are you sure you want to take that risk? Yet study after study has shown that planned births in out of hospital settings with a trained attendant for low risk women, is as safe or safer than a hospital birth.2 , 3 Melissa Cheney, PHD, Director of Research for Midwives Alliance of North America states. " Maybe it's time to start asking why".

These studies show is a lower cesarean rate, lower maternal health problems during labor and post birth, and lower newborn injuries and illness and if that is not enough... much higher rates of successful breast feeding, and higher satisfaction with birth reported by women!

Let me say that another way, You are at LESS risk for getting an infection in labor or after birth. You are at MUCH less risk of needing a cesarean section (3.7 % as compared to 30—40 % depending on hospital). Your baby is LESS likely to be injured during birth, catch an infection, or need the special care nursery. An important fact to understand is birth at home with a trained midwife is not taking a higher risk.

Here is another way to look at the relsults... You are way MORE LIKELY to have a healthy natural birth, more likely to have success in breast feeding, and much more likely to be happy with your experience. Hearing all that you might ask yourself what are all those doing people choosing hospital birth? I have to believe they just don't know the choices they have or the quality of care they could receive by a home birth midwife.

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