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Moon Lore


Through-out time women have tracked their cycles, moods, fertility, and even baby due times by the moon. Before calendars, women counted ten moon cycles to know when to expect the baby to arrive. Looking at your entire tenth moon gives a much more natural window for your baby's due time rather than focusing on just one due date.

Women often ask me if I catch more babies on the full moon. I don't, but I still keep track! At the end of care I prepare your babies Celtic cosmology . Which is a my way celebrating the phase of the moon and the lunar month during your babies birth. I enjoy collecting the qualities and personalities of each birth from this perspective.

The Women's Dictionary of Symbols and Shapes describes the crescent moon: "Just as the crescent moon changes into the full moon and back again, the crescent symbolizes change within the world of form. It represents the newborn, and also magical power that can transform shape. Because the crescent moon rides across the night sky, it has also come to symbolize the ship of light that carries the soul through the darkness and into the light of the new dawn." For this reason I use the moon as part of my logo.

Midwives, sailors, lovers, poets, farmers, & philosophers all recognize the beauty and the power of the moon. What moon will your baby choose to be born under?

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