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Labor & Birth

All women have the grace, strength and beauty to birth their children. The most powerful things I can offer is my deep trust in the process. This means preparing you for labor and teaching you tools to use if you feel overwhelmed (such as massage positions, or making sounds that help you to surrender and open to birth).

I quietly assess your progress, physical status, and the baby's heartbeat and position as you labor. I can actively coach, nurture, and massage you or stay out of the way. My role as midwife: guardian of natural birth relies on knowing when to make suggestions and alter the energy and when to just allow it to unfold.

I encourage women and partners to catch their own babies and immediately gather the baby up to the breast. As the baby begins to breathe they can smell Mama and gently explore the world outside the womb.

After this bonding time and initial breastfeeding, I do a complete physical assessment of the newborn along with the stats every family is eager to know: How much does the baby weigh?

New Moms are fed, cleaned up, & tucked into bed with their nursing baby. I make sure you are comfortable and resting until I return the next day to begin our new mother care.

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