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Prenatal Care

I focus on holistic care and your overall well-being during pregnancy.

A typical appointment lasts one hour and includes a foot massage, a complete physical assessmentand counseling on nutritionexercise and emotional self-care.. Your blood pressure, weight, urine, fundal growth, baby's heartbeat and position can tell us a lot about how things are going but in order to fully support your journey we will take time to explore both the joyful and the challenging aspects of pregnancy.

Prenatal care is personalized to fit each woman's health history, social and religious beliefs and current pregnancy standards. This means you are informed and included in decisions regarding genetic testing, lab work and ultrasounds. Our visits will be once a month until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 35 weeks, and then weekly until the birth. One of these will be a home visit to learn where you live, check your supplies, and meet others whom you wantat the birth. I encourage and welcome your partner and family to attend prenatal visits.

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